Short info (the actual press info for The Society Islands and their album “Last Hero of the Western World” is to follow shortly):

The Society Islands is the musical project of Cologne, Germany-based composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Boris Rogowski. The Society Islands were founded in 2006, shortly before the release of their debut album „Kiss & Tell“ (until then Rogowski had already recorded a dozen of albums and EPs under the moniker M.D. which may or may not be released at a later point in time). The music of The Society Islands oscillates between Neo-Folk, chamber music and Indie Rock and is further characterized by sudden stylistic shifts and ominous undertones.

Their sophomore album, „Last Hero of the Western World“, a collection of songs about righteous hitwomen, lovers caught in family feuds, epiphenomenalism, apocalypse and the Great Ennui, will be released by the label TRC – The Record Company on February 19th 2010.