No Place Home

March 10th, 2011 by Boris Rogowski

27 Rooms

27 Rooms

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(“Dude… he said ‘Plimsoll Mark’”)
Y’allright, hayfever season has officially begun and my brain and CNS show some major impairments… the price of spring, poetically put. For all of you who have never experienced it: it’s bad. Then again, the raised histamine levels plus the inevitable lack of quality sleep can have some rather interesting side-effects with regard to perception; frame rates drop, colors blur, sounds bleed into each other. In the best (or worst) moments, your surroundings are some kind of amorphous puzzle that you’re not able to put together – if you try harder, you’ll get frustrated, but if you surrender to the in-tense-ity of the moment, you might well discover the true color of spring (“Skylarking” by XTC makes a perfect soundtrack, by the way).
Please listen to “No Place Home”, the second to last song on “Last Hero of the Western World” – and yes, it is about allergies, through and through.

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