Tis not quite the season to be jolly, but once it commences I’ll have used up all my jolly anyways, so…

October 28th, 2010 by Boris Rogowski

All right, it’s been some time since the last post (although time, as we all know, is quite relative), during which I’ve roamed Europe a bit, played two nice shows in Cambridge and recorded five new songs which I might throw at you before the year ends – but don’t pin me down on it.

In other news, TSI are hiring… as much as I love the trio approach and the intimacy involved I realised that the songs require more firepower. So if you happen to be an excellent guitarist, keyboard player and/or singer who is living in the vicinity of Cologne and would love to play songs with Mr. Lichtfuss, Mr. Kriegeskorte and yours truly, I strongly advise you to give me a ring (not on the great white telephone though, huh-huh-huh).

Expect more songs from LHOTWW within the next days; I finally figured out how to wrap text around images and according to the stimulus-contribution theory that should result in a gradual increase in posts (you know, I love wrapping text around images). And now I’m eating this Vanilla Ghost… Halloween be damned!

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