Fuck Bunny

February 7th, 2010 by Boris Rogowski



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“Fuck Bunny” is song number 5 on Last Hero of the Western World and for those who are interested I have 5 fun fun fun! facts (sorry, been reading James Frey recently) about it:

1. The lyrics do not contain any form of profanity (but your interpretation of them might).

2. With the exception of the noise guitars all instruments were tuned to 435 Hz (the 1885 Viennese standard pitch). The guitars were tuned to 440 Hz which we didn’t realize before mixing. At the end we decided to embrace the dissonance and not change the pitch digitally.

3. The bass guitar and the banjo were plucked with a rubber seal ring because I was too lazy to look for an appropriate pick.

4. I had forgotten to write lyrics for one of the parts and since I didn’t want to pause and pick up a pen I quickly made them up, starting with a line from an earlier part, “stay on these roads”, which I had stolen from A-ha in the first place.

5. I fell asleep shortly after finishing the song and had one of the most unpleasant nightmares of my life.

Got picked up at UIO, LIS, LAX, NRT, I forgot; wrought iron fences through cab window through the condensation and the hems peering upward until hotel arrives now putting hair straight steam from storm drain hazy check-in second round in discounted ambassador suite on 4th floor head hurts get cleaned up looking at skyscrapers moving out without briefing air and traffic noises hurt big house of god sleeps in square liana garden calm inside despite evening service pew hurts my back holding your weight holding you forever unease is bearable not quite seizable drinks somewhere resembling cannon street fingers eyes scalp itch waiting for another cab back at the hotel the room changed you notice spread eagled on the center bed you changed I notice your body lifts off the mattress hovers face down right below the ceiling


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