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January 9th, 2010 by Moishe Lichtfuss

I remember that back in the day my first experience with file-sharing was trying to download Boogie Down Production’s Criminal Minded from Napster with my shitty old 28K modem because that particular album was not available anyFRIGGINwhere. Not where I lived. It took hours and days, made my phone-bill skyrocket and in the end i had a tiny collection of mp3-files of vastly different bitrates and quality. Don’t even get me started talking about that abysmal version of Songs to Remember a friend of mine foraged around that same time. Of course, both those albums were re-released later on. Did I buy them? Sure I did!

Nowadays the situation has changed slightly. Thanks to the Googles alone I often wonder if people without any intention to, actually download entire albums by sheer accident. It’s that easy. And I don’t even know why I’m writing this, because all the way it seems like pretty old News. So…did I download anything lately? Maybe. Did I buy a shiny vinyl copy of anything I liked more than OK? You bet!

What has that all got to do with Last Hero of the Western World? Well. Done any Google-Search on that one lately? I’m just happy that this site here halfway manages to climb to the Top Spot of those search results.

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