Don’t Ya Rile ‘Em

January 7th, 2010 by Boris Rogowski

Chair & Window

Chair & Window

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“Don’t Ya Rile ‘Em” is the 8th song and the only cover version on Last Hero of the Western World. Since I had not taken Frank Black’s first, self-titled solo album (that’s where the original lives) to the basement I had to record it from memory. I guess that’s not the worst way to do covers.

Forgive me if I keep harping on about the utter coincidentiality (that even a word?) of the whole enterprise, but had I not woken up one day around noon in a very dark room after too little sleep – remembering the lines “I’m seeing how boring it gets / back where the sun never sets / and a day is really two days / I was feeling so tired inside / my eyes were switched open so wide / it was making me kind of uptight” – this cover version would not exist. I have always loved the song (and the rest of the album, which I prefer over most of the Pixies’ oeuvre – now go kill me) but I had never thought of playing it until this very day. And of course Charles was right: At times there’s no greater console than them playing your favorite song… back in time where you belong.

Without any doubt our hero of the day is Mr. Andreas Kriegeskorte who came by in the evening, ate lots of chocolate and nailed the drum track in, like, one take. Please take a look at Moishe’s post below. On the picture you’ll notice an object bearing striking resemblance to a speaker box – that is Mr. Kriegeskorte’s new home-made bassdrum. Nuff said.

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