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December 27th, 2009 by Boris Rogowski

It’s, like, sealed and signed. The Society Islands’ sophomore album, “Last Hero of the Western World”, will be released on Febuary 19th 2010 – exactly 132 years after the patent for Edison’s phonograph was issued, 410 years after Huaynaputina wreaked Havoc in Peru and 537 years after the birth of one Nicolaus Copernicus. Mere coincidence? We don’t think so…

The writing/recording sessions for said album took place in a basement room of a former factory in July 2008. They involved 66 different instruments, no daylight and little sleep. I’ll talk about the details of the scene later, but those longing for visual stimuli shall not be left high and dry, so:

The Studio

The Studio

In the days and weeks to come you’ll learn more about this very room than you ever wanted to know – for now it’s sufficient to know that the bearing of “Last Hero of the Western World” was the last purpose it served; it died soon after birth.

Speaking of heroes: Our hero for today is Mr. Moishe Lichtfuss who did not only create the artwork for the album – which you’ll get to admire later on – but also this very site. Both blew my mind beyond telling, and both are as much a part of the album as the actual songs. Nobody out there could have done a better job. And if you don’t think so, fuck you.

Last but not least, The Society Islands were accused of infringing their own copyright by MySpace lately and lost their upload privileges. Ironically, I only realized it when I was logging in to delete the profile for good – it made for a good last laugh, and now it’s bye bye, you most atavistic of all mass platforms, you insipid dinosaur, I’ll continue my criminal endeavors without you; right here.

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